Tuesday 16 April 2013

a catch up, and a little grovel

If they handed out awards for bad bloggers, I think I would be at the top of the nomination list. 
Exhibit A:  I'm only now posting this beautiful Easter Garden Party dress made in light cotton by Andrea in California...
Don't you love the mix of dark and light blue fabric, how the light blue peeks out on the bodice and those gathered sleeves?
 Or this one by Esta in Estonia. The butterfly border print is too cute.
Look at how perfectly Esta has matched the fabric on the invisible zip.
Exhibit B:  The fact that two sweet, super talented sewers - Esme over at Esme Wonders and Katy at Sleek Silhouette each gave me a Liebster blog award and I still haven't thanked them for it, answered their questions or passed it on?
Exhibit C:  All these amazingly wonderfully creative posts are piling up in my blog reader and I'm just scratching the surface...
Life's been busy folks, I hope wherever you are you are safe, happy and hopefully caught up in a fabulous sewing project. 
Back soon.


  1. Those are such beautyfull dresses! I am still full of hope, regardless of my tragic attempt of the GPD...:s
    I allso got the Liebster Award from Sleek Silhouette, and I feel soooo guilty that I have`nt answered those questions yet. But I will! I am just in a rot at the moment....

  2. These are both lovely! Hope you've been busy in a good way!