Thursday 17 July 2014

Look mom, no hem!

I made this silk dress for a wedding we're going to in Spain.  If you look closely you might notice that something is missing...

Have you spotted it?  A hemline without a seam!  I don't know about you, but sewing a hem is probably my least favourite part of the sewing process, especially when I'm using delicate fabrics like silk. It drives me crazy.

My hubby, knowing my hang-up, got to talking to someone who laser cuts all kinds of materials and hey-presto, I have a silk dress and I don't have to stitch the hem!

Now if only he could find me some fairies who fit and insert center back zips...

Happy week-end x


  1. Anonymous18 July, 2014

    wow! that is a perfect seamstress husband! i would have neer thought about lazer hemming my dresses it looks very awesome.

  2. whoah! lucky girl! this dress is beautiful, love the color.

  3. This is very geeky and I love it!

  4. Anonymous22 July, 2014

    WHAT?! LASER-CUT HEM?! WHAT IS THIS WITCHCRAFT?!?!?! It's a gorgeous dress- well done, you and hubby both!

  5. So jealous! I want to do this too. It's fabulous! It's a beautiful dress in a great color

  6. Oh my goodness - that's some serious brownie points earnt right there! Not only is hemming a pain in the ass, but that looks BEAUTIFUL too! x


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