Saturday, 22 November 2014

sewing for an 11-inch doll

I had to interrupt my regular sewing when I got call from Canada requesting Barbie clothes for Christmas ... My niece is only 5 but she discovered, in my mom's house, the box of Barbies my sister and I played with as kids - and now there is no turning back.  

(Luckily I had some scraps of pepita fabric from my coat project.)

 I hope this fits my niece's vision, because the last time I was home she had very definite ideas about what Barbie should wear, and even drew the pattern pieces out for me.
I wish I had brought these drawings back with me! They were so cute, I should have framed them.  
Hopefully this McCalls pattern for a cape with matching trousers, a hat and a purse will do the trick. Who knew there was such a thing as Barbie sewing patterns?  

In the meantime I hope to finish the adult size version this week-end.

Happy sewing everyone.


  1. How cute! You're such a sweet auntie. :)

  2. I really should do this with all my scraps! This is so cute, I'm sure it will be loved!