Monday, 1 December 2014

not quite ready-to-wear

I have to start this off with a disclaimer - the information below may be glaringly obvious to a community of sewers, and I hestitated writing it...but maybe someone out there is in the same boat!

Ready-to-wear trousers always have the same fit problem on me - snug in the bum and too wide around the waist.   I usually bring them to a professional to take away the extra fabric in the waistband and centre back, rather than doing it myself - it always seemed to scary to try.

 Last week-end I finally broke down.  I armed myself with my seam ripper, a pair of scissors and a strong cup of coffee and attacked the centre back of a waistband on pair that I've been holding up with a belt for too long.
You know, it wasn't that scary!  It was kind of like unfolding the paper on a Christmas present and putting it back together to look like no one noticed...or maybe a piece of Japanese origami...

If you haven't already tried this yourself, here are some things I learned:

-  Baste, baste, and baste again (before you cut anything).  I used safety pins first, established the fit and then basted and took them off and tried them on again.  (A step I've always had to skip when I go to the tailor!)

-  When you are trying them on, walk around, sit down, do a downward dog, dance a jig...and do it again!

-  When you do sew, make a few rows of machine stitches for strength.  (You can never bee too sure)

- I used my ironing board to keep the back of my trousers flat as I hand stitched everything back together as it was.  (I never even had to get out the measuring tape)

If you have the same issue with your trousers, and you haven't tried this already, I promise it really is straightforward.  I wish I had done this years ago!

How do you guys feel about alterations?


  1. I hate doing alterations, but I always need this same one. You've inspired me to dig out the pair of trousers I have waiting for this treatment!

    1. Ya, you go girl! Here's to perfectly fitting pants!

  2. Congrats on the fix. They look good. I have the same problem and even told my husband that the elastic that are in children's pants should be added to adults. That has been a fix for me and lets the pants still have a give.

  3. Ahh wouldn't it be amazing if adult pants came like that! Definitely would make sitting at a computer all day more comfortable too. I'm going to try a pair with elastic - thanks!

  4. I haven't been brave enough to tear apart my ready to wear items... yours look great! My guy wants me to alter his suit, (he lost weight since he bought it) but I have told him that I don't want to risk ruining it. Maybe I could cut into after all...