Friday 2 December 2016

Basel Dress Tutorial Graduation Day (Part 2) - Kickpleat with a lining

Hello!  This is the last tutorial in the Basel dress series and aimed at you if you are lining your Basel dress skirt (but it can be used for any project with a skirt lining).  

To see same the kickpleat tutorial but WITHOUT a lining, click here.

Here we go!


This skirt has a built in 4cm hem (plus 1cm to conceal the raw edge).

To start off, make the lining 7cm shorter than the shell. should look like this.


Prepare strips of fusible interfacing - 8 in total.  Two of these should be wider (about 5cm) and roughly 3/4 of the width of the back of the skirt, and six of them about 1.5cm in width, and at least 5cm long.

Add the interfacing to the wrong sides of both the lining and the shell.

For the lining, the "wrong" side is the side facing the shell.


Hem the lining by pressing a 1cm hem, and then folding it by 1cm again and stitching it in place (2cm total).

The distance between the lining and the shell hem is now 9cm.


Using a fabric marker or tailor's chalk, draw a line 1cm from the raw edge (the seam allowance) down the centre back of the shell and along to the top of the kickpleat (shell), on both sides.

Stitch from the base of the zipper to the top of the kickpleat.

Repeat the same process for the lining...

 ...and stitch down the centre back of the skirt from where the lining will meet the zipper, to the top of the kickpleat.  

On the lining, clip to, but not through the seam allowance at the top of the kickpleat.

Repeat for the shell.

When pulled right side out, the lining and shell should look something like this.

Carefully press the kickpleat of the shell.  Pay special attention to the accuracy of the centre back seam.


On the right side of the skirt, fold and press a 1cm hem on the kickpleat, right sides together.  (Both lining and shell)

On the right side of the skirt, match the shell and the lining and topstitch from the top of the kickpleat, to the hem of the shell.

It should look like this...


On the left side of the garment, match the shell and lining WRONG sides together.

Pin in place and stitch the 1cm seam allowance from the top of the kickpleat to the hem.

Clip away corner of the the top of the kickpleat, being careful not to snip through the stichline. 

Turned right side out and press.  The back of the skirt should now look like this.


Match the two kickpleats right sides together, with the right side of the shell down as below, and pin as shown.  (We are pinning to the left side of the skirt, but the right side of the picture below.)

Stitch along the top of the kickpleat, from the centre back seam to the edge of the kickpleat.

Finish the hem of the shell by pressing the 1cm raw edge of the shell under, and then folding up the 4cm seam allowance and hand stitching or machine stitching in place, meeting the lining.

With the kickpleat finished there is just a little hand stitching to go.  

Secure the bodice lining to the shell by turning under the 1cm seam allowance and slipstitching all the way around the waist.  
Repeat for centre back seam, along both sides of the zipper on the bodice and finishing any gaps on the skirt centre back seam.

Two frocks, two fabrics, two finishes!  If you're not lining the skirt, be sure to check out the sister tutorial here.

I hope you enjoyed making Basel and I hope you like wearing her even more!  Share your finished photos on Instagram #baseldress #honigdesign or email me designhonig [ a t ] gmail [ d o t!] com.

Thanks for joining me!

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