Hi, I'm Elise, a Canadian living in London, UK, where I live with my husband and spend my free time designing sewing patterns.

How did I get into pattern drafting?

After arriving in London in 2006 to study an MSc in economics, I discovered access to a wealth of creative courses in the city and finally had the opportunity to realise my real passion – learning how to design and create my own clothes.  With my degree completed, I swapped my textbooks for a Patternmaster and started taking week-end pattern drafting courses, learning the skills for flat pattern cutting and draping on the stand from incredible teachers at the London College of Fashion and Central Saint Martins.  I  started sharing my creations on my blog.

With honigdesign patterns, my inspiration lies in both decades past and the avant-garde.  I like to think of my aesthetic as "vintage modern" - simple, classic shapes with a wearable, contemporary feel.


  1. You should look into trying out for the next season of Project Sewn! Your designs are great!

    1. Thanks Cari! So nice of you to say. I just checked it out and it looks like a lot of fun!

  2. Hello Elise,
    Almost 2 years ago 3 I am passionate about sewing and embroidery machine.
    I came across your website completely by accident, and I'm happy.
    Seeing your models, I imagine others that I will show you in as my accomplishments. I have a lot of work now for all my friends who want a small garment. So far, I've only cushions and repairs. I made a T-shirt for a friend and this is currently the only one garment that I did. I'm working on a sleeveless vest for another friend. I is full of ideas, I do not imagninais that hobby became a passion.
    I hope through you and other seamstresses who also blogs get to me elevate to real seamstress. Cool! it is not for tomorrow. I'm all alone and fortunately the internet is there to help me in addition to my good will.
    Chance when you love; it does not matter then to work.
    Continue to make us happy by making you happy and all is well.
    See you soon.
    Yours sincerely.

    1. Danielle, thank you for your lovely comment! I feel exactly the same, what has started out as a hobby has quickly become a passion. It sounds like you are making great progress! Every project teaches us something new, doesn't it? The internet is great for helping us all to learn together :) Hopefully I will get to see some of your makes sometime! Take care and happy sewing! Elise